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error ripping DVDs with DVD Decrypter on certain DVDs...

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by balzack, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. balzack

    balzack Member

    Dec 24, 2004
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    hi there-

    i'm trying to backup some of my movies to dvd and i use dvd decrypter to copy them to my hd and then dvd shrink to shrink them down to fit on a 4.5 dvdr. it works perfectly with a vast majority of them, but i have run across a few that give errors when i'm trying to rip them to my hard drive.

    the error will occur when dvd decrypter is continually reading the same spot on the dvd and give an error message that says "I/O ERROR" then I am given an option to "Abort, Ignore, Retry" but whever I "Retry" it always can't read it again and gives the error and I'm forced to abort, cause i dont want to ignore anything i need. the dvd decrypter log will say something like "E 16:47:07 Failed to read Sector 89616 - No Seek Complete

    this has happened on two movies i can specifically remember, road trip unrated and miracle. whats the deal with this? is there a work around?

    thanks alot for any help
  2. wild77

    wild77 Guest

    Try these settings for DVD Decrypter [bold]Borrowed,OK Stolen! from ScubaPete[/bold] Even custom rigging DVD Decrypter doesn't take that long and is far, far superior to your settings.

    NOTE: First, it should be version Go to "Tools", "Settings", set everything to "Default". Then in the "General" tab change, "Removal Method" from "Normal" to "Aggressive", in "File Mode", "tick" Remove IFO/BUP PUO's." For ripping in the "ISO, Read Mode", "tick" "Remove IFO/BUP PUO's" there also. in the "CSS" tab, under "CSS Cracking Method", choose "Brute Force ~> I/O Key Exchange" and "On Failure" choose "Yes". . IMPORTANT: In the "I / O" tab, in the bottom right, "tick" the box which says, "Ignore read errors". This is an excellent setting for dealing with lightly scratched discs which may cause reading problems.

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