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failed DVD burns at 4 speed

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by jenas, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. jenas

    jenas Guest

    I have a P4 2.53GHz with 768Mb, NEC ND1100A 4xDVD+R/RW drive. The comp was bought from Dell last Jan, and at the time was incapable of burning 4 speed with +R. With a Dell firmware update for the drive, the drive was able to burn at 4 speed.

    I am using DVD Decrypter (Ifo mode for main movie only) + Ifo edit + DVD shrink 3.14, or sometimes DVD shrink directly (I have found DVD shrink doesn't like taking the film straight from a DVD-R disc, or if it does then it is excruciatingly slow, whereas DVD decrypter has no problems ripping VTS/VOBs from a DVD-R).

    I am burning using Nero (Nero 6 doesn't like my drive, and it doesn't place all the VTS's, IFO's & BUP's in order automatically for you.

    Half of all burns produced at 4 speed have glitches in when played back, although the comp says the burn was successful. I am using Datasafe 4x DVD+R (Ritek dye) as they're the best discs i have come across at the price. The burned discs are 100% at 2.4 speed burn. The burn buffers on display are keeping up whilst burninig

    So what i need to know is, is Nero shite at 4 speed, is it the discs at 4 speed, or does my DVD burner not like operating at 4 speed?

    Anyone got any disc reccommends? I can get the discs i am using for about 90p each when bought at a computer fair in quantities of 100. I have tried Aritas, and they're great, except some have solvent marks on the recordable side (about 2% of discs in a bundle are affected). The old datawrite 2.4x black and yellw discs are ok, the 4x frosted datawrite +R's are shite (about 60% failure at 2.4 or 4 speed).

  2. Oriphus

    Oriphus Senior member

    May 31, 2003
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    The Datasafe arent a particularly good disc in my opinion, but others like it and it should burn at 4x, especially if it is the Ritek version. Aritas are also quite a good disc, but you have to be careful with them as they are only bundled in Shrink wrap and not in Spindles so any marks/damage is usually down to teh transportation of the discs.

    I think i may ahve answered your question in an email also.
  3. rick5446

    rick5446 Guest

    HEY!!!Oriphus-----I've been thinking about trying BeAll
    Have u tried these discs?If so how are they.
    I'm interested in a good disc,but w/a nice printable surface.I've been useing Ritek G04's w/my Nec1300A w/no problem
    Bought a NEC 2500A it don't seem to like A04's 10 out of 10 bad 1.06 firmware.
    I'm thinking of down-loading some cracked firmware,that some people say will help.But I'll first have to figure out how to back-up the firmware I've got now just in case.I tell YA I'm kinda scared about fooling w/firmware could really send my burner to Hell
    Well thanks for chatting w/me.although it seems like I'm talking to myself sometimes
  4. Xsilver

    Xsilver Regular member

    Jan 10, 2004
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    go to http://www.herrie.org/ this does hacked firmware for nec drivesand sorted out my problem when it would not recognise a certain brand of disc

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