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Failing to retrieve LiteOn key from 02510C firmware

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by CawkFour, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. CawkFour

    CawkFour Regular member

    Oct 20, 2008
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    I'm attempting to update to LT 2.0 with an old Maximus Probe. My 74850c LiteOn was flashed with an earlier LT firmware. I flashed back to stock to get the latest dashboard update and everything worked as planned. I fail to get the drive key with this new 02510c firmware.

    JungleFlasher sees my drive. Here's what I see when I find my drive


    Following the JungleFlasher tut pdf -

    - I click the "Phat Key" button
    - Click "Yes" in the pop up dialog
    - Turn the power switch off on the Maximus
    - Probe the MPX01 Point and then switch the Maximus on
    - I see the "Serial flash found with Status 0x52" message in JF and lift the probe off
    - I instantly see the "Extract Complete" pop up telling me to power off the drive for 5 seconds and then power it back on and click "OK"
    - Power the drive off for 5 seconds and then click "OK"
    - FAIL!

    It fails to get the drive key.

    Is the Maximus out of date or am I doing something wrong? I remember using the R707 (or one of those) when I originally pulled the key.

    Even though it's not verified... can I still use my old Dummy.bin file as the "Source"? The JF tut makes it seem like I need to pull the key again when the drive gets flashed to 02510C.

  2. BillB

    BillB Regular member

    May 9, 2003
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    Just load your dummy.bin as source, and LT 2.0 as target. Follow the JF tutorial exactly, and all will be fine.

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