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Fake Media? Good media to use?

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by Rickerman, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Rickerman

    Rickerman Guest


    I have been using Datawrite (Red) DVD-R 4x for a while now and have had good results with movies / PS2 games.

    I now find out that they don't make them anymore and so ordered some 8x ones online thinking that they would be the same, only faster.

    They turned out to be totally useless discs. I did some reading and used DVDInfo on these discs. Media ID comes out as TYG02. I looked on


    and it says that Datawrite dont use this dye so I am guessing these are fake.

    I am now looking for some decent media to use (turns out the dye on the 4x Datawrite's is AN32, which is garbage according to the site! I never had a problem though).

    I reied some Ritek Discs (Orange says Premium Grade Media, Media ID : RITEKG04) and these seemed better than the 8x but not as good as the Datawrite 4x.

    What media do you guys recommend?
  2. tomripley

    tomripley Member

    Dec 7, 2004
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    I think the digitalfaq link often gives people the impression that they can determine the quality of a disc simply by looking at the media code. It isn't really so, as these things can be faked.

    That's probably what happened in your case, as some shady factory in Asia figured they could get more for their media if they slapped a Taiyo Yuden code on it (especially since many people now shop for specific media codes rather than brands).

    Two brands might also have the same genuine media code, yet be of a different quality (because they use a different level of quality assurance, etc). To take one example, you can find media with the "MCC" code from both Verbatim and Bulkpaq, yet I bet more people has problems with the latter than with the former.

    Now, the most expensive media may not always be the best, but it's equally true that the cheapest media isn't very likely to be the best. So if some unknown brand offers MCC/TY/whatever media at a cheap price, it might well be fake or of a lower quality than what one would normally expect from that code.

    In general, my best advice would be only to buy media that is branded by one of the big brands (except Memorex). Some examples:
    - If you want Ritek media, buy it from one of their in-house brands (Ridata, Traxdata).
    - If you want MCC media, go for Verbatim.
    - If you want Taiyo Yuden, then expect that it will be just as pricey as the other big brands. TYG discs branded by a discount label are most likely fakes.

    If you want cheap media, then go for something that has a credible code. It's not very likely that a budget brand would be made by Taiyo Yuden, but they might very well be made by Prodisc. At least that way you'll know what you're getting.

    What media you should buy depends on your burner and budget, but the "safest" bets would probably be genuine Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.
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  3. Rickerman

    Rickerman Guest

    Thanks for the reply man.

    I am using a pioneer 108 burner. I don't want to pay too much but I dont want disc that cannot be read either. So in the long run it will be better to pay more for the disc's I think.

    Thanks for your help. I will look for some Verbatim I think.

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