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final fantasy 8 stable on psp? this is my story

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Games' started by Paine96, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Paine96

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    Jun 12, 2013
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    hey im pretty much new here and this is my first thread that i've posted on this site so if i make an error or forget a rule or so please tell me and ill correct my mistake as soon as i can.

    ***Minor Spoiler***

    anyway i spent so long looking for a way to get a stable final fantasy 8 eboot on my psp due to the fact that i cant download most things at home so i ripped it from my discs and bought on psn to make SURE that i wasn't doing anything illegal. Anyway i couldn't get it to work and after about five-six weeks of looking and scouring the internet and every site i could possibly think of i found a link to a site in a forum called perfect final fantasy 8 eboot or something along those lines and i went through the topic and it said that you need to use the slps02180 code and 9 compression and use 3.71 for fmvs like opening and the sorceress parade and using 3.90 for pretty much everything else.

    but the problem was was it said to use simple popstation which i couldn't seem to find on internet and also it said to use psx2psp which i use for nearly all my eboots but the problem still persisted. It got a lot better like i could continuously draw magic and so and i versed Diablos with no problems but the sorceress parade fmv and others still crashed so i figured it wasn't perfect.
    Then i used a program that i did have and didn't have to download called ImpalerPSX which was the first eboot program i had and i didn't have a single problem so far and I'm on the second disk extremely happy that the sorceress' parade didn't crash on me.

    Pretty much to sum it all up i used ImpalerPSX eboot maker with all four or just two discs but i never use just 1 disc. then in the game title field you type in dino crisis.
    go to the bottom of the list and look for SLPS02180 and use that then in game title when youve checked the SLPS02180 box you can change the name to anything you want.
    Then add images and pmf video files to your eboot startup look and click create.

    NOTE: i used compression 9.
    NOTE-TWO: Use 3.71 to start the game and use it for fmvs that get stuck. use 3.90 or 4.01 for regular gameplay. Also when you start a game go in the menu then Config or Settings or whatever and change "camera movement" to 0 and then click the home button or PS logo on later psp's and go Options or whatever its called on your firmware and change disc read speed to Fast then your good to go i think.

    It might be the wrong place to post this or may not be allowed on this site but i just want to help people get past the so many troubles i had and really enjoy this great game.

    Also if this works post a new message or edit to say it worked if, not i might be able to help you. But if it does help it will give hope to others and show them this really does work. Also im not extremley experienced with this kind of stuff i just figure it out by tweaking and fiddling and surfing the web. But i could still help with this game atleast.
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  2. ps355528

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    fab.. thanks for that.. I have had all hell of troubles with FF8 on emulators over the years.. pretty much the only game that wouldn't respond (along with Koudelka) to the "usual" tricks and tweaks.

    will try your trick and see if it finally resolves the fighting sequences overlays refusing to load problem.

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