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Final Fantasy XII + HD loader

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by TheNick, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. TheNick

    TheNick Guest

    Howdy all - there was a thread around here a while back (cant seem to find it in the search...) about patching FF XII to run on HD Loader, linked to said patch & it worked fine, more or less - i believe its purpose was to fix its issues with freezing during the opening cinema or something.

    Thing is, the cinemas are fine but the audio chops in & out a bit during the game's cutscenes, was hoping to see if anyone else'd encountered this. For the record, im using an original copy of FF XII that works fine, using DVD decrypter to make the image, patching it with PPF-o-matic, and burning onto Verbatim discs, 16x, at 8x speed, so according to the help files, its more or less ideal media and i think im doing it right, but a few copies later, ive gotten missed results but none better than the original one with the choppy audio - let me know how it went for you/ideas, thanks in advance.
  2. TheNick

    TheNick Guest

    Ah...was this in the wrong forum, then?
  3. Mclark

    Mclark Member

    Feb 10, 2007
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    All I had to do was Rebuild the iso and had no problems. Only the opening movie was choppy after that no prob.
  4. TheNick

    TheNick Guest

    Really? Just the opening, no other CGs were choppy in any way? ill have to try again, then.
  5. TheNick

    TheNick Guest

    ...so...no one else had any problems of any kind, playing the patched iso off their hd loader?

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