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firmware 3.03oe-c noobi and got questions

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by cdd1975, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. cdd1975

    cdd1975 Guest

    i have not got this home brew thing at all.got devhook to work while firmware was 2.71 to run homebrew.most of the homebrew have no instuctions or just confuse me.so witch folder do i put this stuff in?GAME,GAME150),orGAME303.
    and restore options..with one 1.50cornel or303 cornel.
    none of the iso or cso work except one of them and they also worked w/t devhook for me.I selcted the option no umd for it to work.thought i had it ,but the others still say (game cant be started 80020321)
    im sure that there is a tecnical reason that i keep getting this error.maybe someone can give me a hand .i thought i had it beat after getting the costom firm on this thing but now i need to learn how to use it.lol..any help is app. msn (cdd1975)
  2. CoRn3tTo

    CoRn3tTo Regular member

    Feb 16, 2007
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    your homebrew games goes to :x/psp/game/______here if still don't work put it in :x/psp/game150/____here and still if don't work,,,find another game,,lol! hehe

    and for your iso's/cso's games,,,, put it in x:/iso/_____here
    you must have a umd inserted in the drive to work
  3. cdd1975

    cdd1975 Guest

    ok so what is free umd region mean anyone what is this opion for?

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