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Flip top problems--Loud noises..

Discussion in 'PS2' started by acoustik, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. acoustik

    acoustik Guest

    I was wondering if it was common for me to be hearing noises when the discs are spinning. Its a rough sound, nothing like when the ps2 loaded games before the flip top was installed. I tried rescrewing all the screws and still I hear that noise. I can get it to load silently if I push on the fliptop cover lightly, but when I release my push it makes that sound. Sometimes its worse then other times when trying to load. Anybody ever had this problem??
  2. Soulja

    Soulja Guest

    yes normal, its because the white plastic peice is loose and isn't tight like it is inside the ps2, but it is normal.. but i just hear it when it spins up just not during gameplay, i probally don't notice it
  3. acoustik

    acoustik Guest

    Do you ever have a tough time getting the PS2 to read the swap disks? Its a hit or miss. I get the Please put in PS2 formatted disk reading. Another thing that sucks is that the company I bought the swap disks from sent me a bad dvd ver disk. It had a burn from the top of the cd and it burned all the way to the other side. PS2Fliptop.com

    They are sending me another same day aire though, so I can't complain to much..
  4. Soulja

    Soulja Guest

    well for the dvd theres no problem but cd can't read thats cause i got v9 and waiting for v3 swaps to come out so i can retreive my copy

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