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Flip Tops

Discussion in 'PS2' started by redx101, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. redx101

    redx101 Member

    Nov 28, 2004
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    ok im thinking about getting a flip top, but wat is the effectiveness rating of it compared to the others, such as the no solder chip, soldering mod chip,slide card.And if i get the flip top do i need the swap magic discs and if so which version of it to get.whats the risk of getting while tryin to install flip top case i have a v7 PS2, and is it easy to install. Most of all does it really run BACKUPS and BURNT games. I kno this is all lot of questions but im a newbie and i mean very new, and im very excited about doin this type of stuff.thankz, lata.
  2. captnkidd

    captnkidd Guest

    The fliptop has ran everthing I have tired other than DVD RIPS and I understand I can buy another swap disc think and do them as well.

    I have a V9 ps2 and I didn't wnat to do the modcip thing so I bought the Swapmagic disc and a fliptop case ($104 shipped) for 2. I have been VERY happy with mine. I have an old gameshare 2 cd for PS1 that lets me play backup PS1 games as well.

    It's VERY easy to install and yes it'll play backups. There has been nothing I copied that I can't play. It's a learning curve to figure out what you need to do with some games, like bloodrayne 2 for one.

    Get it back up and enjoy the hell out of your PS2, rent 2 games and back them up and it'll pay for it's self.


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