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folder memory option?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Modding & Hacking' started by TheNick, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. TheNick

    TheNick Guest

    so, i recently added music & pics to my ps3 (big-ass hard drive, why not right?) but the way it default displays both...kinda suck. there's an option to put all the photos together, instead of odd folders by whatever date's attatched to em, and for music, you can arrange them by artist instead of album...which im all for on both counts, but the second you turn the system off, go play a game & come back, etc any of these things seems to return the view to its crappy default...is there any way to have it remember your preferences that im not seeing?
  2. TheNick

    TheNick Guest

    ...no one else has had this problem, really? or just havent noticed it?
  3. TheNick

    TheNick Guest

  4. glenquag

    glenquag Regular member

    Mar 7, 2007
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    That's weird, that hasn't happened to me. What really sucks though is the way you can't create your own folders. They have to be sorted by artist, album, or not sorted at all for music. I wanna have my albums, then like groups of songs that I created, but noooo.
  5. TheNick

    TheNick Guest

    Really? So when you set it the way you want, shut off/play a game and come back, the settings are exactly as youve left em? Am i doing something wrong, is there a "save settings' button im missing?

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