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Found a new GBA emulator!

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by shadow270, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. shadow270

    shadow270 Guest

    Recently i was searching the web for a gba emulator that can play games like youshis island,riviera, and yu gi oh gx.
    That are all games that doesnt work on the latest gpsp 0.9 that came out from exophase.

    then i found a gpsp based gba emulator on a chinese site.
    the menu is chinese but it doesnt take long to remeber whats were..
    the good thing is..all the games i have are running PERFECT(riviera,yoshi,ygo)

    heres the link


    just click on the link bellow the red text,there were you see http,to download.
  2. shadow270

    shadow270 Guest

    no one cares huh.. :p
  3. gangsta00

    gangsta00 Guest

    hey thats a nice find, all my games are playing full speed!
  4. shadow270

    shadow270 Guest

    yeah.i know..these chinese guys are great..
  5. gangsta00

    gangsta00 Guest

    have u got anymore cool stuff?
  6. RiPPERD

    RiPPERD Guest

    or just wait for english version as herd few problems can happen when not usin correct region on ya psp... dont say didnt warn ya!
  7. shadow270

    shadow270 Guest

    no..i dont have anything more...

    nothing can happen..its just like the orig. gpsp just in chinese language..and afterall i could set fake region on...

    and i doubt that it will be transladet to english,cuz its not from exophase
  8. RiPPERD

    RiPPERD Guest

    lol its the fake region thing that fuks about wit it!

    if u got fake region and battery dies "your psp fusks up"

    " = coz i aint gonna test it just word on the web lol
  9. shadow270

    shadow270 Guest

    really..never heard of it..
  10. FinalFant

    FinalFant Member

    Apr 8, 2007
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