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Free Hdd loader Help PLEEESE

Discussion in 'PS2' started by mikey_ray, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. mikey_ray

    mikey_ray Guest

    ok i put a 80gig maxtor in ps2 ---no probs there
    i use swap magic cd to load free hdloader --works great
    but when i click install-you know to put a game on the drive----heres the issue--i made a back-up of call of duty so i could save the
    original from damage---but when i use hdloader to install im trying to install the back-up not the original disc and it always says invalid disc--so how do i put my back up game on the hard drive---do i use swap magic again or what---cause i misplaced my original-as of now still looking --but i have receipt-----thanks
  2. IceHawk

    IceHawk Guest

    Swap Tool
  3. IceHawk

    IceHawk Guest

    Swap Tool

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