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Free McBoot doesn't work on my Ps2 systems

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by SuperiorXIII, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. SuperiorXIII

    SuperiorXIII Member

    Jul 20, 2012
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    Subject doesn't show much, so I apologize.
    So here we go.
    One of my systems is a SCPH-5**** (probably 50000), and the other is a SCPH-39001. I have installed uLaunchELF already, that one works perfectly fine. HOWEVER, my problem is the following:
    FMCB v 1.8 doesn't work, it never even shows the "loading...".
    FMCB v 1.7 does make it to the "loading...", but never goes past.
    FMCB v 1.6 makes it past both. It makes it the main menu for FMCB, but the only thing that I can actually do without freezing it up is reformatting my Memory Card. When I select normal installation, it quickly says "detecting memory card", and then that disappears, and nothing comes on after that. Frozen. Anything else (haven't tried the "uninstall multi" thing yet, since I have nothing on my Memory card except the hacked system configuration file allowing me to run uLaunchELF.

    My memory card is an 8MB official Sony-made Playstation 2 memory card.
    My flash drive is a FAT32 2 gigabyte Kingston DataTraveler. It seems well enough compatible. The only files on my flash drive is the "FREE_MCBOOT.ELF" and the "INSTALL" folders. And NO, I don't have all 1.8, 1.7, and 1.6 on the flash drive at the same time.
    My Action Replay MAX is one without the media player option. However, I was informed by http://freemcboot.info/ that I can still utilize my more limited ARMAX for this job, by using the Ps1 Exploit. Please note that I have followed every step of that process (EVERY STEP), and with the nonexistent money in my wallet, I cannot afford anything else than what I have, which is why I plan to stay on this way of installation.

    I am not using this for pirating, I wish to tell you now. I really don't want to keep paying for the games I already have just so I can get better discs of them. Yes, I am a Kingdom Hearts nerd, and I accept Final Fantasy as a decent game series as well. I've already gone to Gamestop THREE TIMES in TWO YEARS to get replacements for every game I have, as they are definitely NOT ignored on my shelf. So, I merely want to make copies, or as you call it, "back-ups", of my own games that I have bought with my own money, so that I'll not have to waste money on games that I already own.

    Please help. The information (excluding the personal bit) I have given you are what I believe is what is needed, considering all the forums I have gone to in search for a little help. I hope I can get information soon.

    Thank you in advance, people of the AfterDawn forums. You people are terrific at what you do.

    --PlayStation2 owner in distress--

    UPDATE: 7/20/1012
    Just tried Free McBoot v 1.5. Gets to the "Free Mcboot installer start!" part, then freezes.
    Now trying v 1.4.....................
    AAAAAND Free McBoot v 1.4b does NOT work past the, once again, "Free Mcboot installer start!" Just tried v 1.3d, and it still does not go past the installer start sign. Ugh...PLEASE HELP ME.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2012
  2. nbwriter

    nbwriter Member

    Apr 21, 2011
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    Hi SuperiorXIII

    Although Im a hardware tech, Ill start by saying Im no expert on PS2 hardware and software (yet). Although, like you, I can see the benefits of making "PS2 Backups".

    Okay: FMCB v1.8 (Free McBoot)

    I notice all McBoot versions youre attempting to load into PS2 memory either will not load or fail to execute. This error points to not enough RAM being available (although another cause is corrupt software that cannot execute).

    I also note you mention reformatting 8MB Mem Card does not solve the load errors. However, I wonder how the uLaunchELF cfg file is still on your Mem Card if you have reformatted it?

    Anyway, my approach would be to install latest clean files to your Mem Card / USB to ensure you are not running corrupt FMCB version. By far the best guide (plus software needed) to install FMCB is published on Youtube by a guy called FullGrownGaming.

    (Over 126,000 people have viewed this guide - He covers every step of FMCB installation process). I can't post links on this forum, so here is the search term for finding his guide:

    [How-To] Install Free McBoot on a PS2 Memory Card With A Gameshark (Simple!)

    Unfortunately, I cannot test his guide yet because I do not have a Gameshark 2 PS2 Disc.
    However, these can be obtained from gaming shops or ebay for a few bucks. (Probably worth the investment for a Serious Gamer).

    Let me know how you get on - Hope this post helped you.

    Signed NB

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