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GameCube Sorry about it being in the wrong forum

Discussion in 'PS2' started by leo8013, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. leo8013

    leo8013 Guest

    First off I am sorry to post this in the wrong forum but I want the people with the know how to help me. I have been backing up my ps2 dvd-r games now because of my son. My son is now playing games and he has a gamecube. I want to know is there anyway to backup a gamecube cause I dont want those games ruined either. I have been burning PS2 games with recordnow max with no problems at all. All I do is a direct copy and its done. What format are the gamecube games and can I do the same with those and what type of discs do I have to buy and what do I have to do with my machine to play them
  2. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    The GameCube discs can't be backed up at the moment but if you wait there should be a emulator that plays the game which also dumps image files(iso's).The GameCube is hardest system out right now to make any backups of any sort.I am not really sure when the emulator for it will be released.There is another way though you can buy this thing called a broad band adapter and upstream the games to the gamecube with certain tools that should be off of a site called http://www.gcdemos.tk/ .You would have to have a tool called PSOLoad and PSULload or even this one thing called Eurasia 1.1 loader.I have sites where you can get the games to work with this but I don't think the moderators here will let me post them.If you want though you can private message me and I will tell you the sites.Peace L-Burna and I really hope I helped you out

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