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games with sound but no image

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by eddieliuy, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. eddieliuy

    eddieliuy Member

    Jan 19, 2007
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    I have been backingup a few ps2 games lately, and its been giving me something strange...

    some of the games that i copies have "unable to read DVD" or "invalid disk" when i boot up, but i figure out when i press the "shift" key(i believe is the quick boot key).. it would boot, however... the game would have only sounds and no pictures~ (but most of my other "working " games boot perfectly...)

    and this is becoming more and more common... (now nearly 60% of my burn are costers..)
    my settings are
    PS2 SCPH-70002; + modbo745(i know its not the best chip, but i only found out after i got it converted)
    media Ritek G05(proper Ritek DVD-R 8x "excellent" marking on green disk), CMC-MAG.AE1(Verbetamin DVD-R 8x disk), i've tried both of these
    Burner: LiteON SHM-165p6s with newest firmware to date
    Software, Ripped n burned with DVD-decryptor
    game: Okami,

    now my question is...
    1. is it something to do with the modchip that i am not seeing the screen? or is it to do with my buring method (P.S. the same buring methods works for about 50% of my games, and they all worked fine...)
    2. ive read on the sticky on the front page, that you can use a DVD+R and change the "book type" to dvd-rom, will this improve the chance of a successful burn??

    im sick n tired of buring coasters now..., just ordered some taio-yuden 8x DVD-R media to try.. but id like to find out if this is infact the media's problem or is it something else like the modbo chip.. (maybe i should have done more reseach before i get it chipped)
  2. stickweed

    stickweed Regular member

    Dec 3, 2006
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    The DVD's your using are fine, (the RITEK with the green label "excellent"), The problem most likely lies with the method you are using to burn the games.

    How do you usually burn your games?

    or less likely, your lens on the ps2 needs a clean.

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