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Getting ready to try my first project with DVD Shrink

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by eric_0012, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. eric_0012

    eric_0012 Member

    Jul 31, 2004
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    I have DVD Shrink,DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0, Nero 6.
    I decided to use DVD Shrink then I was going to use which ever burning software that most say will give me the best quality copy. When I used DVD Shrink to open the disk (Open Range) it finished analyzing the disc and the green bar was all the way to the right side with no gray or any red, it said 4,464, in the instructions it says if the disc is less than 4,464 you can use Decrypter to do the ripping, when I opened it and it finished analyzing the disc the size said more than 7,000 bytes I forget the exact size.

    Why did DVD Shrink say it was only 4,464 and Decrypter said it was much more?

    another part that was confusing to me was when I clicked on the "+" next to extras and menus I unchecked everything under extras and all but englisg under menu, this left the main movie with a 72% compression, is this considered a good compression rate or can I do more to make it better.

    When I copy the disc to my hard drive would I be better off to use Nero6 or Decrypter ??

    Thanks for your help
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  2. alkohol

    alkohol Regular member

    Apr 6, 2005
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    I don't consider myself a computer or software geek, but however, I am able to manage to back up any movie with "DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter." This is what I do and I hope it'll help you a little, if not alot alright.

    ** go to "My Computer", click on Local C:\Drive [or Hard Drive]
    ** go to "File", New, then Folder [c:\NEWBackup_Movie] <--this is only an example, you'll have to create a "new folder" for your new backing up movie. After you're done with that close it.
    ** now OPEN up DVD Decrypter, go to "MODE" select "ISO", then "WRITE W"
    ** select your "Destination" as your DVD-Burner. Make sure to UNCHECK on "Verify" box, if it is Uncheck already, leave it as is.
    ** close your DVD Decrypter now
    ** now insert the "Original Dvd [the one you're going to back up from]" into your DVD-ROM drive, and put a blank DVD-R in your Dvd Burner [make sure to use quality disc such as FUJI, TDK, SONY, MAXWELL,TY & VERBATIM: make sure it says MADE IN JAPAN or SINGAPORE]
    ** now OPEN "DVD Shrink", click "Edit" then "Preferences" then on "DVD Target size", you can select "DVD5" or "CUSTOM", if you choose CUSTOM make sure to make the size a little less than DVD5 i.e. anything from "4350MB - 4450MB"
    ** now select "FILE I/O" and check "CHECK RPC2 drive region code" and "Enable overlapped I/O" - this increase ripping performance. Make sure to UNCHECK on "Enable burning with NERO," and "OK". Since we're going to burn from DVD DeCrypter with the capabilities of bypassing any new protection code.
    ** click on "OPEN DISC", select your DVD-Rom drive (it should pop-up right away) and click "OK", now SHRINK will do a quick ANALYSIS - will take any where from 45 sec - 2 min. depending on your comp. system.
    ** now if you wish to delete any unwanted stuff i.e. extras, director's documentary, sub titles, other foreign audio/languages, then do so by going to "Re-Author" mode and uncheck anything you don't need. Under "Main Movie" always select "Title 1", click on Title 1 and drag it to the left side under "DVD STRUCTURE" and release it over there. NOTE: by doing this you will have only the main movie. If you want the full movie you'll have to back up in a "FULL DISC" method and not "Re-Author" and somehow try to trim a little of other audios and subtitles.
    ** click on "Compressing Setting" if you still want to rid of unwanted stuff. I usually keep the AC3 5.1 English. and do "BACK UP"
    **now if you need the quality then Check on "Perform Deep Analysis" and "Compress the video with high quality adapter error compensation", if you want it to rip/burn fast then just simply "Uncheck" them.
    ** now under "Target Device" go to "Select Back Up Target" and then select "ISO Image File and burn with DVD DeCrypter"
    ** now on "Select Target Image File" click on "BROWSE" untill you find the "NEW FOLDER" that you created in the very begining under your c:\drive or Hard drive earlier [c:\NEWBackup_Movie] and Open/Save it. Finally, click on "OK", now DVD SHRINK will compress and DVD Decrypter will burn into your dvd burner.
    ** now that you're done with the hard part, go watch something like a movie on your tv and check back on your comp like 20 -30 mins later. I suggest don't use the Internet while you're performing a back up.

    Hopefully, this will give you some clue.

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