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God of War II dual layer DVD9 backup

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by AWCK, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. AWCK

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    Apr 9, 2006
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    Currently, there are too many disorganized threads for God of War II, and random speculations are making the confusion worse.
    Let this be the "official thread" for dual layer DVD9 backup of God of War II.
    Please post here your experiences, both successes and failures.
    Obviously, you start by ripping the original disc with DVD Decrypter 3.5.4.
    Next step?
  2. BIGnewb

    BIGnewb Guest

  3. gizmobg

    gizmobg Guest

    im trying to back up my god of war 2 cause it was 60 bucks and i dont want to scratch it.

    i have a dl burner
    a dl disc
    and a matrix infinity
    which supports dl

    so, when i put the game through dvd fab clone mode, the game will play the opening movie and go to the main menu

    but after that its black. so i downloaded dvd decrypter 3.5.4

    i can read the iso to a file

    i can write the iso through a test

    but if i try to actually burn it, it wont go past the leadIn write

    the disc stays blank but i dunno what to do, never dealt with dvd 9 discs before
  4. gizmobg

    gizmobg Guest

    you cant call this an official thread if no one keeps an eye on it and no one replys.

    i can see why theres 20 different threads for this game

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