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Good Playback On PC, jumpy/unreadable on PS2

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by Fabio, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. Fabio

    Fabio Guest

    ok i've ripped BlackHawk down, ReMpeged the movie file to fit on 1 DVD, stripping the audio.
    Playback with IFOEdit: Like A Dream
    Playback with PowerDVD (onPC): Perfect

    Ok Burn the disc using NERO, go to play in PlayStation2 the movie begins to jump afer 2/3 chapters and then tells me the disc is unreadable.
    Play the DVD in my Phillips Standalone player NOTHING, cann't read the DVD and just spits it out again.

    Has anybody else had a similar problem? is this just a bad recording, and i should just try again? or will i just create another coaster?
  2. bigdave82

    bigdave82 Guest

    i think ps2's are not very good for playing burnt dvd's. everything i've tried in a ps2 hasn't worked at all. they work alright in a samsung dvd player. i made a dvd out of music videos i have downloaded and it worked way better in an xbox than in any set tops i tried.

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