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Green screen with slim ps2.

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Andayle, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Andayle

    Andayle Guest

    Hiya all

    I'm Using the slimline ps2 and am trying to use a RGB cable bought from Game. But the screen is allways a green tint when using the cable. If I plug the cable into to my old ps2 the big chunky one the cable works fine and is in full colour.

    My slimline ps2 I purchased from ebay it says on boot that its using infinity 1.38 (wich I guess is a matrix modchip?) And most of the original games that came with it are jap games. If I plug in the supplied cable the scart adapter one with the svideo and RCA leads it works in colour but I get a fussy effect on screen wich is normal with the standard cable.

    I know 100% my tv is NTSC combat as I also use it for xbox wich plays NTSC games fine with no problems.
  2. Andayle

    Andayle Guest

    Ok I fixed it. I Didnt change it to RGB in the settings of the PS2 :p

    I feel sooooo silly hehe. Oh well at least its all fine now.

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