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Guide - Easy Method to Boot PSP ISOs/CSOs from PC HDD or DVD-R/RW Via USB

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by razz1e, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. razz1e

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    Aug 1, 2007
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    *UPDATED* Hey everybody, this is my first Guide and I hope it is helpful. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Tutorial By: razzle

    Step 01: Download and install "PSP Type B Driver-English" or "PSP Type B Driver-Multi Language" to your PC.

    Step 02: Backup and format your PSP drive.

    Step 03: Connect PSP to PC via "USB mode in "XMB".

    Step 04: Create a folder anywhere on your HDD or DVD-R/RW called "name_here".

    Step 05: Copy the entire contents of the freshly formatted PSP drive
    to the folder called "name_here". This will act as a PSP virtual drive.

    Step 06: Copy all your ISOs/CSOs to the folder called "ISO" located at the root of the PSP virtual drive.

    Step 07: Download "USBMount 1.03" or newer if available.

    Step 08: Copy "seplugins" from "USBMount 1.03" to PSP root drive.

    Step 09: Download "usbhostfs_PC_Win_1.5" or newer if available.

    Step 10: Copy the contents of "usbhostfs_PC_Win_1.5" to the root of the PSP virtual drive.

    Step 11: Restart your PSP while holding [R] to enter 'Recovery Mode".

    Step 12: Enter "Configuration" in the Main Menu and set the "UMD Mode" to "-UMD Required-", and exit to return to the Main Menu.

    Step 13: Enter "Plugins" in the Main Menu and enable "usbhostfs.prx [GAME]", "usbmount_game.prx [GAME]", "usbhostfs.prx [VSH]", "usbmount_vsh.prx [VSH]", then exit "Recovery Mode" to "XMB".

    Step 14: First, make sure your USB cable is still connected, then execute "usbhostfs.exe" located at the root of the PSP virtual drive. You should now see a window on your PC screen that says a connection has been made.

    Step 15: Insert a real "UMD Game" into the PSP.

    Step 16: Press [Select] in "XMB" to access the "USBMount" Main Menu.

    Step 17: Press [>] on the D-Pad to access your ISOs/CSOs and press [O] to select the one you wish to play.

    Step 18: Exit the "USBMount" Main Menu and access your game from the "XMB:Game" Sub-Menu. Just like you would with a real UMD;/


    - If you follow the steps in this guide carefully, you should end up with a PSP that is able to play UMD's in the CSO/ISO format via USB. This also works for most of the games that require FW above 2.71.

    - Custom Firmware is required for this to work. I am using M33 3.52 -2, however, this may not be the most stable FW to use. If you choose to use this FW, then you should connect your USB cable to your PC and PSP, and toggle "Flash1" in the "Advanced " section of the PSP "Recovery Menu". Once you have done this, open the PSP drive on your PC (J:, K:, etc...) and delete "Config.se". This should fix the (8002014E) error people have been getting. I have tried this and it works fine for me.

    - Do not try to load any Homebrew while the "USBMount" plugins are running. If you do, your PSP may freeze.

    - Useful links for finding the necessary files mentioned in this guide can also be found here: QuickJump here: PSP-Hacks and here: MaxConsole.

    - "USBMount 1.03" requires about 256Kb of disk space whereas "IRShell 3.6" requires at least 50+Mb.

    - For the DVD-R/RW Method, you must burn the files before you can use them via USB. lol :)

    - You need a ".RAR" compatible compression/decompression utility such as WinRAR or 7Zip to unpack some of the files used in this guide.

    - Sometimes when I choose to exit a game and return to the "XMB" Main Menu, the PSP freezes and must be restarted. However there is a way around this. When exiting a game, wait for the screen to go black, then hold the [Reset] switch to quickly shut down and reboot the PSP back into an "XMB" environment that isn't frozen. This has worked every time I have tried it.

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  2. marlino23

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    Apr 1, 2007
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    thanks, lol didnt know you could boot them from dvd's anyways welcome to afterdawn. good first post :)
  3. supermen

    supermen Regular member

    Jan 30, 2006
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    cool mine is sumthing liek that but i used ir shell its in my sig if u wanna read mine

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