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GUIDE: How to Install Plugins on a PSP (Includes on how to install two or more)

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Homebrew software' started by mrgooey, Sep 1, 2008.

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    This is a guide on how to install plugins for your custom firmware PSP. If you do not know what is custom firmware, please use google. Plugins are like addons for custom firmware, each plugin are different from each other. THIS WORKS FOR SLIM AND FAT PSP

    Look at the "Plugin Guides" section for guides to install some harder installation plugins.


    A Plugin you wish to install
    A Custom Firmware PSP
    A Text editor (notepad works fine)


    It actually depends on your plugin you wish to install, some are different than others (you should read the readme.txt that comes with the plugin). However, I'm going to show you the basic way to install plugins. For example, I will be using the plugin "Hold v2.63" by Torch, for more information about this plugin please look at the FAQ section.

    1. Download the plugin you want (which I'm going to use the plugin Hold). It should always come with a .prx file. The .prx file is the plugin file.

    2. Now think when are you going to use the prx file. There is four different ways you can use a plugin.

    VSH (a.k.a XMB) - This will enable the plugin while you are on the XMB (including when you are watching movies, playing music, browing on internet ...etc)

    GAME - This will enable the plugin while you are in a ISO or UMD game.

    GAME150 - This will enable the plugin while playing a homebrew. I have seen this once when I was installing cwcheat. However, I have never met a plugin that installs on a GAME150 (except cwcheat), so most plugins won't be here.

    POPS - This will enable the plugin when playing a PSX game.

    If you aren't sure, read the read.txt to see if it says anything about it. Or check if the plugin you download includes a text file that has game,game150 ...etc.

    3. Plug in your PSP and make a new folder called seplugins in the root (ex. X:\seplugins\). Put your PRX inside.

    4. If you have a plugin that includes a text file that has game,game150 ...etc. Put that text file into the seplugins folder, and you are done. Skip to Step 7. If it doesn't include the text file, then please go to step 5.

    5. Just in Step 2, think when the plugin needs to be used. For Hold, it can installed into GAME and VSH. However, the developer tells us that some games would crash when using this plugin. So we are just going to install it in the VSH. Open your text editor and save it as VSH.txt and put it in the seplugins folder. If you want to install GAME then save it as GAME.txt, GAME150 would be GAME150.txt, and POPS would be POPS.txt

    6. After making the text file you want. Open up the the text file you are going to edit. Copy this line


    and paste it in the text file. Rename the "nameofplugin" into the name of your plugin. It would look like this. Go to Step 7


    7. You are done ! To enable the plugin, go to the recovery mode and enable it. Read the FAQ to learn how to get into recovery mode. To install 2 or more plugins in the same text file, read the guide below.


    This is when you have already installed a plugin. If you do not know how to install a plugin, please read the above guide. This works for GAME, POPS, and VSH text files.

    1. Plug in your PSP to the PC, Open the seplugins folder and open the text that you want to add the plugin. So, instead of making two VSH.txt, you are going to make a VSH.txt with multiple lines.

    2. After opening the text file. Copy this line


    and paste it under the plugin you have before. Rename the "nameofplugin" into the name of your plugin. It would look like this.


    3. You are done ! To enable the plugin, go to the recovery mode and enable it. Read the FAQ to learn how to get into recovery mode.


    POPSLOADER made by acidy - A plugin that increases the compatibility of PSX games for the PSP
    CWCHEAT made by mrgooey- A cheat device for PSP and PSX games
    CXMB made by Dr1ver - a plugin that lets you have custom themes without touching the flash

    If I miss some plugins you like to add. Please reply back to this thread or give me a pm.


    Q: What is Hold plugin ?
    A: It is a plugin that saves the battery life. The CPU will decrease and LCD would be turned off when using the Hold button of your PSP. You can download it from here

    Q: How to get into Recovery Mode ?
    A: 1. Turn off your PSP fully (by holding the power button)
    2. Turn it on again while holding the R button
    3. This should bring you to the Recovery Mode
    4. Go to PLugins
    5. Enable the plugin you want by clicking X

    Do not mess with the Recovery mode unless you know what you are doing.
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  2. cb0635

    cb0635 Guest

    another nice guide mrgooey though its still beyond me how you get the patience to write them :)

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