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Guide Lines For Chip Install From A Newbie Magic 3.6

Discussion in 'PS2' started by persian, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. persian

    persian Member

    Feb 18, 2003
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    Playstation 2 Mode Magic 3.6 Installer guids for newbs like me
    This guide line is for PS2 V7 Magic 3.6

    Ok guys…I owe it all to you, all the hints and tricks I got from you guys….this forum made life so much easier…After botching up my first playstation 2 because of stupid little mistakes I have conquered my second install…I am shocked and excited at the same time. I have tested all of the possible combination of games and movies. I had success with them all…1. Regular Music CD works 2. Burnt DVD movies work. 3. Burnt DVD Games work 4. Regular CD-R games work and backups. Even online downloads like iso or bin files burn into beautiful copies. I LOVE IT….And now for all of you that need help let me give you some guide lines for a newbie Mod Installer. I hope this helps some people. .

    1. First remember all your screws and where they go ..draw a small diagram…
    2. Make sure you have a small head Phillips screw driver and a big head because of the different size screws.
    3. When you open up your platstation 2 be very careful not to pull the wire connected from the top part of the case to the motherboard. That’s controls reset and eject.
    4. After you remove it from the case (Ps2 black box) make sure you take out all the cables that come from the Cd rom drive of the PS2. Remember to remove them from the mother board and not the Cd rom. Remove everything. All you should have left is just the motherboard.
    5. Make sure you have a small pointy head solder. Don’t push to hard when soldering cause It makes your board look shitty and if you hold it over a transistor those little tiny boxes they may stop working.
    6. Make sure you take your time. Don’t rush. When soldering small points use the tip of a needle to take solder of the gun and put it on the board..You can use razor blades and tape them down on each side of the solder spot if your worried about touching other things….cause GOD KNOWS some of these spots are SMALL.
    7. Follow the directions you get from the place you got it. Don’t listen to people online because they can mix your head up and confuse your BRAIN.
    8. Remember DON’T install anything unless the CD ROM is not connected. I missed mine up cause I dident want to disconnect the wires on my first install.

    For burning I use NERO for DVD Burning and For CD-R burning I use Fireburner. Those 2 work great.
  2. talshar

    talshar Member

    Feb 22, 2003
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    Thanks for the good tips

    How can you burn <4.7gb games like black/purple dvd?
  3. EazyLidz

    EazyLidz Guest

    hey when you installed 3.6 did you test your chip clip?....what do you look for when you test it?...and with a successful install does it boot the same as if you didn`t have chip in?with out any special tricks?

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