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Guide on how to play divx/xvid/mp3 with ps2reality on ps2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by robert34, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. robert34

    robert34 Guest

    Hey guys,

    just thought i should make a little guide for the new people that would like to play divx/xvid/mp3 on there ps2.

    How to make a divx/xvid/mp3 disc with ps2reality 1.28 Beta

    Tools you will need:

    PS2 Reailty Player 1.28 Beta (1.28 is the current release that will play divx/xvid/mp3)
    Daemon Tools or something similiar to mount an image. I use alcohol 120%
    WinRaR or something similiar that supports .rar

    Getting Started

    1) Open you .rar file and unzip them into a folder.

    2) Open Daemon Tools or something similiar, and mount the ps2 reailty image.

    3) Go to My Computer and go to the virtual drive, copy the files into another folder

    4) Go to the folder that you just copied and unzip cdgenps2 into the same folder.

    Making and Burning the Image File:

    1) Open cdgenps2.exe

    2) Drag the 4 main files. install.cnf , ps2media.elf , system.cnf , virtual irx

    3) Drag your divx , xvid , mp3's last.

    4) you should now have a list in this order:

    movie or mp3

    5) Next go to File then Save Image.

    6) Save the image as a bin/cue in a folder. ( after this step it will look like windows has frozen, but just wait, it will finish

    7) Open up CDRWIN and click on the top left icon. (Record Disc)

    8) On the right hand side, you will see a button named Load Cuesheet , click here and then select the cue file you made earlier.

    9) On the bottom switch the speed to 2x, then on the right hand side click Start Recording.

    10) You should have created a succesfull divx/xvid/mp3 disc !!!!

    Booting Instructions.

    Note: You must have some sort of booting method to play backups.
    (magic3.1 , messiah2 , flip top + swap magic boot disc, swipe card +swap magic)

    1) Put the Disc in and boot as how you would boot a backup game.

    2) Select the Language that you would prefer , press start and await the next screen.

    3) You will now have a menu:

    4) Go to Configuration and Centre the Screen and switch to your video mode. (If you have a memory card, you can save these settings)

    5) Go back and go to browser, go down to your movie and hit play. It should start in about 10 seconds.

  2. SGDVD

    SGDVD Guest

    tried every step you said. but when i click start recrding in cdrwin box comes up saying "Warning disc is longer than 74 minutes, do you still want to continue?" i click yes then another box apears says " Error start dao recording command failed on device 1.0.0 cuesheet was rejected by the cdrom recorder.

    why can't i get it to burn i have a pioneer 105 dvd-rw/dvd-r/cd-rw/cd-r writer?

    did burn fine in nero (latest version)at 8x speed, reality boots fine, but avi file just stays on "open file......"

    i have gotten a small avi file to work, so i know the reality player v1.28 does work, it was about 250mb avi but can't remember how i burned it.

    i have wasted about 15 coasters by now.

    please hepl me what am i doing wrong.
  3. telescope

    telescope Regular member

    Mar 11, 2003
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    Thanks Robert for such a good Guide
  4. mladen85

    mladen85 Guest

    Man thanks so much this is so awsome thnx thnx so much .
  5. silver00

    silver00 Member

    Aug 9, 2003
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    hello robert34 great help with the divx for ps2
    just dont understand why i need to use the rar, can you just explain that to me, thanks.and i think this should all work, knew the discs had to be made special to make them work thanks pls answer
  6. robert34

    robert34 Guest

    sorry havent really payed any attention to this

    for sgdvd maybe your image is way to big. the movie has to be 700mb. try this

    1) reinstall cdrwin and make sure u have the right drivers

    2) make another image with cdgenps2 but only put the movie in.

    3)Do the same steps with cdrwin loading the image with just the movie. Now boot the other disc with ps2 reality that the movie does not work. then swap the disc for the movie and try and play it.

    If the file in the image is not bigger than 700 mb then alcohol 120 will accept it. i dont know why but alcohol wont burn the movie if it is over 700mb. so you cant have the movie and ps2 reality files on it. So you can try the above steps with alcohol. in the image burning wizard.

    i personally use fireburner, as cdrwin doesnt support my drive. You do have to pay for it though, but it is well worth it!

    Ps2 Reality Movies dont seem to work when burned with nero, god knows why!

    Hope it works

    for silver

    the ps2reality.rar contains all the files need to make the image and a couple of read me that are kinda use less. so just follow the steps before and you should be fine. Open the ps2reality.rar with Winrar, you can find this and other programs need at the site in my signature below.

    hope it works for both of you!!!!
  7. biglo

    biglo Member

    Mar 15, 2003
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    yeah this it ra really good guide.

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