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have anyone bought magic 3.5/3.6 from modchip.com??

Discussion in 'PS2' started by ljg, May 21, 2003.

  1. ljg

    ljg Guest

    Hi, have anyone ever bought magic 3.5/3.6 from modchip.com? I got a version 7 PS2, thinking of purchasing my first modchip. Modchip.ca say that any magic besides 3.1 is a fake magic modchip, just a lone from it. modchip.com's magic 3.5/3.6 looks like magic 3.1 with clip kit from modchip.ca. They both have nine wires to solder, the diagrams from both of these websites are somehow similar? Have anyone ever bought magic 3.5/3.6 from modchip.com and put it on a v7 ps2? and how did it work? I have heard so many problems with magic 3.1? Dose messiah work for 39001 ps2??
    Thanks for helping a newbie...

  2. jhnbnblzd

    jhnbnblzd Guest

    Don't wast your time with a 3.6 or modchip.ca.....i'll hook up your ps2, $100 for chip and install, Modking420 you can ask around but if not, i got refs....
    and yes a messiah will work on a v7...
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  3. ceja_11

    ceja_11 Regular member

    Apr 23, 2003
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    i bought magic 3,6 off of modchip.com, they can take
    their sweet time, probably cuz they are in france. But
    it came to my pad in 3 weeks, its works fine.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2003
  4. Bootney

    Bootney Guest

    VERRY SLOW!!!! Yeah, they take their sweet time alright! I ordered a magic 3.6 from them for my V4 and after 3 weeks I E-mailed them asking what the deal was. 2 weeks later I got my chip and a week after that I got the reply from them. And forget about tech support. I asked them a ? about a month ago and still have yet to get a reply, luckily I found this forum. So if you have plenty of time on your hands go ahead but they'll never get my or anyone I know business again.
  5. onesaint

    onesaint Guest

    same experience here. my chip came from austria and took something like 4 weeks. i think their site is down and they used to have an 800 number for the states but forget about that. i think their based in germany and have been closed in the last few months. they dont come highly recommended from me.

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