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having problems copying resident evil 2

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by lucas23, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. lucas23

    lucas23 Guest

    hi im really stuck witht his 1 as i have been copying for a while now and for some reson i carnt copy resident evil i have tryed to shrink it and it wont work i have used dvd decyripter and it dose it fine to my hard drive but then when i try to shrink it it wont or if i use any other method of trying to shrink it or put it up on to a dvd it says vob 3-2 is an invalid size can any 1 help me i have tryed most things like shrink dvd decryipter and nerovision 3 and clone dvd with any dvd and still nothing
  2. ferg1234

    ferg1234 Guest

    It burned fine for me using the newest Shrink and Anydvd version One thing I started doing is whenever Shrink shows "unreferenced" material, I just insert a still picture. Res Evil workd fine the first time.
  3. ScubaBud

    ScubaBud Regular member

    Dec 29, 2004
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    My suggestion it to do a search here for RE2 burn problems. Much has been posted about it.

    DVD Decrypter, latest version along with DVD Shrink
    AnyDVD in the background along with DVD Shrink

    Both of the above work fine on RE2. Good luck. :)
  4. lucas23

    lucas23 Guest

    i have been trying and all i get is theres no vob 5-0 and if i get passed that it says vob 3-2 is to big i have the new up to date shrink and decrypter
  5. babelfish

    babelfish Regular member

    Jun 18, 2003
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    ok this is the method i used to burn RE2..

    shrink doesnt work on this one - im guessing due to newer protection... :(

    :: rip FILES with dvddecrypter in brute force mode
    :: you may need anydvd in the background to achieve this
    :: download trial version of clonedvd
    :: import the files into clone dvd and burn - works fine!

    that was the only way i could get it working - i kept getting an error on vob 5_1 (i think - my memory sucks) which didnt even exist!

    im guessing shrink has a limited lifespan now as the newer protections are stumping it - and without the new releases it looks like my fav bit of s/w is dieing out :(

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