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having problems reading divx off a cdr

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by DCJoeDog, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. DCJoeDog

    DCJoeDog Guest

    i can take a movie and encode it and it lays p[erfectly off my HD,but when i burn it to a cd and play it in the playa or any player for that matter ,I get alot of dropped frames

    but if i take the divx directly off the cd(not the origianl on my HD) it plays perfectly

    any ideas whats up and how to fix it,all help will be greatly appreciated :)
  2. dRD

    dRD I hate titles Staff Member

    Jun 10, 1999
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    Turn DMA on for your CD-ROM drive.
  3. DCJoeDog

    DCJoeDog Guest

    k,trying that now
  4. DCJoeDog

    DCJoeDog Guest

    i know how to do this win98 but i am using winXP pro now and apparently its not the same procedure anymore

    any tips??

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