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HD Advance Memory card Exploit Help

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by 904sHeat, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. 904sHeat

    904sHeat Guest

    Ive been seeing on forms where it possible to load hd advance from your memory card without having to use a disc i was wondering could anyone give me a step by step tutorial on how to do this or know where i can find one
  2. bucs2002

    bucs2002 Member

    Jan 29, 2005
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    i would recommend the free ps2ownz version of 'hdloader' and then use the 'independence hdloader mc exploit'.

    it works great...at least it did for me! the file i have has the 'execFTP' program on it as well. works like a charm.


  3. aleitz

    aleitz Member

    Nov 9, 2004
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    What you need
    Exploit (main exploit no files included)
    Ps2 Menu (included in exploit but you can change it if wanted)
    SWAPMAGIC or a Modchip

    First make a Folder in your C drive like ps2 put all your Files in it.... CDVD.IRX, EXPANIST.ELF, SYSTEM, TITLEMAN, .etc all the files in the Exploit

    Now go to dos by.... Start>Run>then type in command....now your in dos

    In dos type> cd C:\ps2 <now your in your folder with all the exploit stuff

    Now on your Ps1 game you plan to run your exploit with stick it in you cd/dvd drive

    open up the game and look at the Slus.... It should be something like this SLUS_011.97 or like this SLUS-011.97 (but different numbers)

    Write it down....

    Now in dos type> titleman -a SLUS_011.97 <or whatever your slus is.....

    Now it will do some stuff and should say completed or successful....

    Now if you want to you can make a couple different ps1 games load up the same exploit by redoing this > titleman -a SLUS_011.97 < with a different slus then your first one

    Now that your Exploit will work you need to put in your ps2 apps... Simply put the .ELF files in the FILES folder

    The BOOT.ELF in there is some kind of way to boot up the ELFs... the one that is with this one is ps2menu 2.6 (recomended) just renamed to BOOT.ELF so it would work properly

    Now open CD Gen and stick> Expinst.elf, cdvd.irx, system, title, and files folder in it nothing else....

    Image it as a iso (burn with DVDDecrypter) or bin cue (burn with burnatonce) and burn at low speed, 12x or lower
  4. 904sHeat

    904sHeat Guest

    where do is a good place to get the exploit
  5. 904sHeat

    904sHeat Guest

    bucs2002 do you know a member id i can use to get in a get the package

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