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hd loader/winhiip/firewire

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by mtloop, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. mtloop

    mtloop Guest

    Just got my HD Loader 2.0 and put in a 40GB HDD that I had.

    If I put some games on this HDD now, will I be able to copy them to a 200GB drive later using my PC external firewire enclosure and Winhiip?

    Just spent about two hours with google and going through this forum and didn't see this addressed.

    Thanks for any help. Joined the group today and what a great forum.

  2. navi95

    navi95 Regular member

    Jan 25, 2004
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    You would need a third HDD to hold the games temp.

    Using Winhiip u would need to extract images from ur 40GB onto the third HDD (the 1 in ur pc currently for example) and then transfer that onto the 200GB hdd (also using Winhiip).

    Thats the only way I think its possible, dont think you could transfer it directly (40GB-->200GB) @ the moment.
  3. mtloop

    mtloop Guest

    Thanks navi95
    It looks I will need to check the Sunday papers today for a deal on HDD's. I need a pair of new ones for my PC also. Two 80GB in the PC, Maxtor ontouch USB 80GB, and in my two firewire external cases one 80gb, one 120GB, one 40GB and an empty slot. I do a lot of video ripping and burning from my Dish PVR to DVD.

    I just downloaded Winhiip, so I will fire it up and poke around.



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