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Discussion in 'PS2' started by HAGGY2, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. HAGGY2

    HAGGY2 Guest

    I am a newbe to this and I sure could use some help.
    I have a ps2 scph 50001
    I have a network adapter and maxtor 160 gig hd installed.
    I boot up with the hdadvance dvd and it works.
    When I go to convert a game and it asks me to insert a disc I just eject the hda disc and put in a game disc and it converts the game.
    When it is done the game is on the list of games that are on the harddrive.
    When I select it and select run all i get is a blank screen.
    What am I doing wrong?
    HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  2. Z3120

    Z3120 Regular member

    Jan 8, 2007
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    You're better off using using Winhiip or DVD Decryptor if you can't get blank game to work using HDL/HDA in getting the ISO from your game. Besides, you're MUCH better off using Winhiip or DVD Decryptor unless you want to burn out your laser that much quicker every time you want to load a game up on the HDD. Some games for some reason don't work properly depending on what method you choose in creating the ISO. Try making the ISO of the game with another alternative before you think it's only the game. Check here for a list of game compatibilities. I remember I had similar problems with quite a number of games until I experimented with a number of modes, and foremost, recreated the ISO using different methods and sometimes compression/shrinkage of the ISO size using Gnie and such.

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