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HDD compatability with HD Advance

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by johnf69, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. johnf69

    johnf69 Guest

    I would really like to know which brand and model number of Harddrives work well with HD Advance.
    Thank you!!!!!
  2. RJFreeman

    RJFreeman Guest

    I use a Maxtor 120 Gig. This is definitely THE recommended drive for the HD Advance. You can use a 160 Gig version, but the bios only allows for 137 Gigs of usable storage, so it's kind of a waste (this is the same problem with old versions of windows not accepting harddrives over 137 Gigs).
    Anyway, for $100 bucks (compusa or check pricewatch.com) the Maxtor 120 is definitely my pick. Anything else is kind of a gamble.
    Good Luck!
  3. johnf69

    johnf69 Guest

    But were there certain Maxtor's the did not work with it, When you got yours, was it an Ultra????
  4. RJFreeman

    RJFreeman Guest

    120GB Ultra Series, 7200RPM, Internal E-IDE Hard Drive

    Manufacturer: Maxtor
    Mfg Part #: L01P120
    Product Number: 298702 (compusa.com)

    That is the exact unit I got. Works and fits Perfectly! My understanding is that all Maxtors IDE under 160 Gigs (only 137 usable) work with the system.
    It is $115 dollars from comp usa but I have seen it for as low as $80 on pricewatch before (some instant rebate stuff)
    You can always check the dimensions of the drive for a relative idea of what you are getting into, but I assure you, if you get the drive I have listed above you will have no problems!
  5. mesh

    mesh Member

    Apr 4, 2004
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    Is the Maxtor drive you bought ata/100 or ata 133. Just curious, thanks.
  6. tambo-man

    tambo-man Guest

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