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Hdloader Vs. DvdLoader and also HdAdvance

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by freakworm, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. freakworm

    freakworm Member

    Aug 24, 2004
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    First off what are all three? Next What will I have to buy for all three or can I downloading and Install any of them without anything. I saw many different things on this board say you need to buy this and buy that . I just want to know if i need extra hardware for them or is it just a download and install on to a normal hardrive or special drive. I all ready have a duo 2 modchip installed so installing anything else wouldn't be a problem. Thank You
  2. kollision

    kollision Regular member

    Jun 26, 2004
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    Hi! Well HDLoader is a precursor to HDAdvance. HDLoader backs up original games while HDAdvanced backsup both original and backup games to the hard drive. For both you need a Large-TOC orignal DVD or CD game as a swap for the backup. Some large DVD games are Metal Gear Substance and Resident Evil: Outbreak. Now you can do the memory card exploit, where you put the HDAdvance program on your memory card, or you can just buy the program and it comes with a Large-TOC cd and a dvd for the swapping. SO basically the things you need are:

    Harddrive (minimum 40 GB)
    HDAdvance (memory card exploit or the real software)
    Memory Card (if using the exploit)
    Large-TOC DVD (to back up DVD backup Games) and/or
    Large-TOC CD(for cd based backup games)
    Slide-Card (to perform the swap)

    There are many threads on here that explain the process of doing this. Just use the search button and you will find it. Good luck.
  3. foundmy

    foundmy Guest

    there is no difference beween the HDLOADER and HDADVANCE except for the splash screen and menu colors and words... works the same.
    both reguire slide card if you have to do swapping.

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