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Help ASAP swap magic & HD loaders

Discussion in 'PS2' started by year2053, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. year2053

    year2053 Member

    Nov 1, 2004
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    Sup yall heres the thing.
    First off i have the Magic slide
    1 DVD version 2.0 Usa Build.
    2 CD version 3.2 Usa build. & slide Card.

    Ok i bakedup Nba live 2005 which works 100% fine,
    i also buned Def Jam fight for nYc which loads but i cant play story mode i think only the other mode i can but takes forever to load.

    i also made 2 copys of GTA SAN which load but i get disc error and then wouldnot load from the error.

    also splinter pandorbox loads but after hitin start nothing happns.

    Now im usin DVDS with White TOP
    i used Nero info tool to see what type it is
    Type DVD+R Capacity 4.7 GIG
    Manufacturer Ritek.

    Ok when i check i burned 6 DVDs
    4 which are DVD+R which all loads but have issue playin or get disc error

    & the other 2 which Nba live & dvd Loader are
    DVD-R which all load & worked,

    MY PS2 verison i think its a SCPH-50001 Date code 3C im 75% sure

    i also used the cd swap which only worked on this gameshark think u burned, i made copys of Hd loader which wont load at all after the swap.

    i got GTA san to work my friend mad a copy for me on DVD-R i still get errors but only for like 2 sec's

    I would love to get some feed back & help As what to DO.

    one more thing i would love to use HD loader Or HD Advance but the copys i made not workin.

    Thanks for Any help.
  2. notmyname

    notmyname Regular member

    Sep 29, 2004
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