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help i cant dupicate a backup DVD

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by blythem, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. blythem

    blythem Guest

    hi all i used dvdxcopy to rip dvd now i wanna make a copy of the backup but cant. I've used Easy CD, Nero express & DVD Decrypter but had no luck. It starts to copy then says error.

    Does NE1 know how i can burn the backup.

    The backup plays fine in any DVD but just cant copy the damn thing. Thanks
  2. TacoBill

    TacoBill Member

    Nov 5, 2003
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    You cannot make a copy of a backup DVD.
    The programmers of 321 Studios intentionally did this for legal reasons.
  3. shape

    shape Member

    Nov 16, 2003
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    of course you can. just use nero (version 6 i
    believe), veritas record now, or another
    basic app that can do a straight copy - 1 disc
    to another disc.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2003
  4. leo8013

    leo8013 Guest

    shape is correct i have done it with recordnow max plenty of times
  5. Bodene

    Bodene Regular member

    Oct 5, 2003
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    Under normal circumstances u can copy a copy, but as TacoBill mentioned, the makers of DVDxCopy made it so you cannot copy the backup created by their software. It puts in some kind of encryption to keep you from starting yer own DVD movie factory.

    The huge lawsuit with the MPAA resulted in that little add-in I'm sure.

    Why anyone would want to use that software is beyond me. 10 minutes of scanning thru any DVD burning message board should provide plenty of reason not to waste money on it.

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