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help keep getting white logo screen when updating!

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by 2BaD, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. 2BaD

    2BaD Guest

    IUm in some serious need of help!

    I recently bought a psp with devhook 0.46 installed on it! i dont know what the original firmware was in system information the firmware in there says 2.71se b" but i dont know what the original firmware is!

    Now ive tryed using the 3.40oe easy installer! but when i click on it in the psp, all that happens is, it just loads the psp logo and the background goes white and it shuts down! that all that happens!

    I read somewere about using the recovery to boot to 1.5 again not clued up with psps as like i say, ive only recently got it, but when i try using the recovery, i get an error code with the message game could not start!

    Does anyone know how i can go about updating this psp with this little bit of info i know about it.

    Ive searched around on these forums but not found a solution, found simular problems, but not the exact!

    please someone help

  2. 2BaD

    2BaD Guest

    do i need to put a 1.5 eboot somewere?

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