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Help Me Plz -

Discussion in 'PS2' started by slainesco, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. slainesco

    slainesco Member

    Mar 22, 2005
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    fitted a crystal chip on a slimline ps2.
    plays back up dvd movies, but will not play back up ps2 games.

    please please please help me


  2. dragulaAC

    dragulaAC Active member

    Jul 28, 2003
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    A stock ps2 will play backup movies anyway.
  3. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    do you have swap magic? some chips still require you to use it. I know the DMS4 Pro chip that i have you would still need it, that is until you install the Toxic Bios flash and then it plays back ups just like originals with no swap disc needed.
    Acording to this write up it does not support copied or import games which most likely means you will still have to have a swap method, sorry.

    .:: Crystal Chip CC1.0 Mod Chip ::.

    .:: Photo ::.

    .:: Features ::.

    Hardware features:

    High Quality Actel Pro Asic Plus FPGA provides:

    - Flash-based configuration means we are able to quickly and thoroughly test and debug many different configurations before arriving at a stable release.

    - An excessive number of "gates" allows the use of an internal "ROM" for infallible "Recovery Mode". This means you will never be stuck unable to recover from firmware errors.

    - ISP (In-System Programming) and Boundary Scan allow us to program and test every single device on the Crystal Chip board after population. This will detect any flaws in the manufacturing process, such as bridged pins or defective components.

    - Internal SRAM allows us to provide unique features unavailable with many other FPGA devices.

    General hardware features:

    - Custom "Glitch Detection" logic automatically detects and filters noise on strobe lines (A, R and W). This results in 100% boot rates for bootstrap hook software.

    - Ground-bounce is a non-issue due to an intelligent patching method which reduces current spikes, and the aforementioned "Glitch Detection" logic.

    - 4kbyte software-accessable (read/write) EEPROM for storage of PS2 bootstrap hooks and data.

    - 3kbyte software-accessable (write) SRAM for storage of PS1 bootstrap hooks.

    - on-board oscillator(clock) means you don't have to worry about installing a clock wire or the annoying issues associated with bad clock wiring.

    - very compact circuit-board and optimized solder-pad layout for easiest installation.

    - only 18 wires for v1-v7 consoles, 19/20 wires for v8 consoles, 18/19 wires for v9+ consoles (DVD+/-RW requires the optional "F" wire) regardless of region.

    Upgrade features:

    - Upgradable via software loaded from CD, host (Naplink, ps2link, etc), memory card, etc. EEPROM is blank when shipped.

    - Recovery Mode uses an internal ROM in the FPGA rather than external flash which may become corrupted. This means you will never be unable to boot an upgrade disc, even if the EEPROM were removed or physically damaged(of course you wouldn't be able to upgrade then..).

    - Internal checksum to ensure data integrity. If the checksum fails, the console will automatically boot in Recovery Mode so that you may fix the problem with the Utility Disc.

    Application support:

    - Open-Source API and documentation provided for software-interaction with the CC1.0 hardware and writing your own firmwares. Some basic example codes are provided with the API which show bootstrap patching for direct-boot unsigned "homebrew" discs and loading a "dashboard" or similar application from memory card.

    - Memory Card boot (aka "Dev.olution Mode", "Dev Mode", "Dev Mode 1") allows you to load software directly from memory card on system startup.

    - Boot homebrew software CD/DVD discs as you would a regular game disc.

    ****Does not support copied or import game discs.****

    Media types supported:

    CD-ROM / DVD-ROM / DVD-ROM 9 / *CD-R / *CD-RW / *DVD-R / **DVD-RW / **DVD+RW

    *note: These medias are supported ONLY if your PS2 can read them in the first place. These medias are listed only for completeness and due to the fact that CC1.0 removes the additional checks for some of these medias which were added in v8 and higher consoles.

    **note: These medias require the additional "F" write to be attached on v8 and higher consoles.

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