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Help,,new user Question?

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by bryan_b25, May 16, 2003.

  1. bryan_b25

    bryan_b25 Guest

    hello ,,Im bryan an this is accually my 1st post here,, whats up everyone?
  2. bryan_b25

    bryan_b25 Guest

    Ok, sorry about that,,I had trouble posting because I had to get my account going,,sorry,,

    anyhow,, I just got DSL and hooked up and going today,, so I went to Kaaza and DL'd a movie and in my theatre section of kaaza, the movie will only playing small screen then when i go to full screen it freezes the video in small but I can hear the audio still going,

    BTW,, its a TMDmovie file,,,whatever that is,!

    Do i need to DL a new media player or something for this file or is it just how it is or what,,

    the movie actually has Japanese subtitles but that dont bother me,, it's the ity bity screen that does,,,

    Could someone please help shed some light, and i promise I'll help some new user one day when I figure it out ,,thanks lets keep it all alive!!

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