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HELP on burning option settings......

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by ricks1, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. ricks1

    ricks1 Member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    Hello everyone, I like to know what's the best option to choose for quality if time is of no concern. "Maximum Smoothness" or "maximum sharpness"??

    I never compress movies below 80%. What's general rule of thump for the amount of compressing I can do and still maitain good image quality?

    Also, I burn DVD's at 16x, without any problems. But I have noticed in many posting that it is recommended to burn at 8x. Can you tell me the difference that it would make if I burn at slower speed??

    Thank you All!

    LOCOENG Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 4, 2005
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    Mix it up a little and decide for yourself...max smooth may look better on my TV, while max sharp might look better to you.

    I always use Deep Analysis, if my compression ratio drops below 85% I use the AEC controls...I've gone as low as 60% with good results.

    If you have a quality burner with firmware that is up to date and are using quality media, high burning speeds can be achieved with the same results as those burned at lower speeds. I keep my firmware current and burn at the rated speed of the blank.
  3. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    That's a lot of compression,I didn't think you can get that much compression.

    Or is dvd shrink showing 80 in the compression tab setting-meaning 20% compression?

    Max sharpness is slightly faster than the max smoothness. I've been as low as 30-35% compression with max sharpness. Over 35%,then I use Max smoothness. On major compression,I can the blockiness in the picture without those AEC enhancements.

    16X burning?

    If you got a good burner,high quality media-TY/Verbatim, and reliable stand alone player/s,then you may not notice much difference. As the speed rate increases,so do those little error-PIE/PIF. Too many of those errors,or in the wrong spot-higher chance for issues.

    Crappy burners,crappy media,older stand alone players with a lot of wear and tear: Then the possibility of playback issues will increase.The stand alone players will tell you how fast to burn just by watching the playback. Pixellation,freezing,skipping,jumping-Burn speed is the first thing to troubleshoot for.

    Burning 16x with verbatim-No problemo.They were designed to be burned faster,not slow. Burning 16x with my Maxell cmags-I wouldn't even chance it.

    I run scanning tests on my backups using nero's disc quality scan program. It shows those small error and gives a score. I use that with different media and different burn speeds to find which burn speed shows the highest score-per different MID coded media.It's not 100% accurate,but gets you close in the ballpark.

    Lite-on drives use Kprobe and Plextor drives use plextools. Dvdinfopro is another program to scan your backups.

    If you have no access to those programs and a lot of free harddrive space,an easy way to test your backups is by re-ripping them back onto your harddrive. If you can successfully rip it to the HD without any errors-CRC-then you should be OK.

    It sucks when you have a 1 yr old backup that you need to make another copy of it and wham-CRC error. You want your backups to be as error free as possible in case some day you may need a copy of it.


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