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help on my bit torrent

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by chineze, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. chineze

    chineze Guest

    i just download a game... then when i click on it, it say there is an error with it.. wat do i do?!?! n how the heck do i upload it to my psp???
  2. rcrockett

    rcrockett Regular member

    Sep 23, 2005
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    LOL. Sorry, I don't mean to laugh, but if you're going to dabble in piracy then maybe you should find out a little more about what you're doing. If you're not more careful you could wind up with key loggers, viruses, and other security breaches in your computer.

    If there is something wrong with the file, check the "comments" section of the page where you found the torrent. You should check this page prior to downloading anyways to see if there are problems before hand.

    As for getting it on the PSP, I don't know, but I bet you could get a solid answer but looking in the PSP forum on this website.

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