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Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by jds7838, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. jds7838

    jds7838 Guest

    I have made my first vcd and works fine except some of the video quality are poor.,i'd been reading some of the articles on the internet regarding SVCD,that they produce better video and audio quality,only problem is i don't know the right settings on my TMPGEnc..(video and advanced settings..especially the FIELD ORDER,SOURCE ASPECT RATIO,VIDEO ARRANGE METHOD.)and finally what format should i load, SuperVideoCD(NTSC) or SuperVideoCd (NTSCFilm),the forced film was activated on my DVD2AVI when I convert the VOB to MPEG...Any response is highly appreciated.
  2. dRD

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    Jun 10, 1999
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    Yeah, you can use the TMPGEnc's SuperVideoCD templates. Just follow our VCD guide up until TMPGEnc part and instead of loading VideoCD template, load SuperVideoCD template (for 25fps movies, load PAL - for 29.97fps movies, load NTSC and for 24fps/FILM movies load NTSCFilm template). SVCD resolution is kinky -- if your PC player like MediaPlayer doesn't have correct codecs, the resulting video looks square instead of being in correct aspect ratio, but your DVD player knows how to stretch this.

    For advanced settings, remember to do IVTC or Deinterlace if you need one, remember to select correct aspect ratio (normally 16:9 full screen, keep aspect or something like that). One important setting is the bitrate -- for SVCDs you can set your average bitrate for the videos (use 2-pass encoding _always_) which helps you to determine the size of the resulting movie.

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