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Help with Devhook

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by MidnightJ, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. MidnightJ

    MidnightJ Guest

    Ok i am currently running HEN-C on my PSP 2.71 so i can emulate 1.50 firmware for homebrew. But what im wondering is, is there a way i can emulate 1.50 and be able to emulate newer firmwares? Im trying to emulate 2.82 but with my current version of devhook for HEN-C it goes only to 2.71. I was hoping i could have my HEN-C devhook and devhook .50 and emulate 2.82 on my 2.71, but it said Devhook could not be loaded.

    Here are the steps i did.

    1. Downloaded/Installed 2.71 HEN-C

    2. Load HEN-C through picture .TIFF

    3. Load Devhook 0.4X for 2.71 launcher

    4.Emulate 1.50

    5. Run Devhook 50 eboot

    6. Emulate 2.82, then it says Devhook could not be loaded. And goes back to the PSP home.
  2. matt11504

    matt11504 Regular member

    Feb 3, 2007
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    why dont you just downgrade? its not that hard.
  3. yohex

    yohex Guest

    Check if the firmware dump is good, if it keeps give that, just go to psp-hacks.com and download a new 2.82 firmware dump go to the DH folder in the psp and replace that 2.82 and try agian, it should work, and Matt some people might not be able to afford a new psp if they do happen to "brick" it, or they don't like taking chances and going through a hassle, so please have some consideration, but ya, enjoy your psp =D
  4. MidnightJ

    MidnightJ Guest

    Thanks for your help yohex ill try it and see if it works.

    Well you see matt i would, but i really don't want to risk my PSP, when i bought it, it was version 1.52. So i heard of this HEN-C thing and i got it set up and i like it a lot. Just i want to play The Warriors game with my friend so i want to emulate 2.82 to play it so i dont have to update.

    And i would downgrade but..

    1) I got TA-082 motherboard and i heard they brick easiar?
    2) I don't want to brick my mainboard, even if its a very small chance
    3) I like the ideas of having 1.50 stuff with 3.03 and PSX emulator and PSX games and less hassle, but if i cocky and brick my PSP, it doesn't seem worth it. Maybe when PSP are like 100$ ill go for it, since there will always be downgraders in the future it seems, as 3.10 firmware and 3.11 firmware were hacked hours after there release, well decyryped not being able to downgrade, but that just shows how quick downgraders will show up later on it seems, and how i think Sony should give it up with the firmware updates.
  5. yohex

    yohex Guest

    A Ta-082 doesn't brick that easily, i've downgraded 3 no problem, they all hold the same chance of brick, so don't worry.Lol, they did go for 99 some currency that looks like a L, I'm guessin thats pretty cheap.
  6. MidnightJ

    MidnightJ Guest

    Yeah, it'll be a while til there as cheap as $100.

    Ok i got the 2.82 dump, i put it in the dh folder, i load up Devhook and its not there under firmware.

    I was wondering could i activate HEN-C, emulate 1.50, and run a newer version of devhook and emulate newer firmware by chance?


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