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Help with my Flashed Samsung DVD Drive

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by 360M0DD3r, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. 360M0DD3r

    360M0DD3r Guest

    I flashed my xbox360 today and wen i went to play an original game tht wasnt compatible originally, it didnt work. the tutorial i used was from this site on how to flash samsung dvd drive. i already tried to reply to the thread they closed it so i cant. can sum1 read tht tutorial and tell me if tht was a correct way to flash my drive. Thx
  2. user473

    user473 Regular member

    Apr 12, 2005
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    put your orig.bin back on your xbox...if u still have it... then type in ...mtkflash w /sata /m orig.bin...then maybe try a new firmware go to eurasia.nu to get some help
  3. 360M0DD3r

    360M0DD3r Guest

    thx User. Ill try tht

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