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Help with running run ISO/CSO games on V2.71 TA-082 PSP

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by gokussj4, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. gokussj4

    gokussj4 Guest

    Do a hardware reset by keeping the power switch pressed; PSP should turn on and off.
    Open the UMD Drive.
    Turn on PSP.
    Enter the Photo menu and select HENC.

    The first time you run the program, you will see quickly a blue screen, and after that a screen that can be of two colors:

    * Red: the files couldn't be written to the flash. Just keep trying until it works.
    * Green: The files were written successfully. After that, the PSP will be rebooted.

    (The next time you do this, the files have already been written to the flash and it will just show a blue screen and reboot.)

    After the reboot enter the Game menu and select the memory stick.
    Start Devhook0.4X launcher for 2.71.

    Enter the following settings:
    Firmware: 2.71 (flash)
    CPU clock: 222MHz/111Mhz.
    Boot select: Reboot XMB
    UMD Select: file.cso
    UMD SFO Version: no change
    Remote ctrl: remote controller
    Preload address: 0x89400000

    That will give you the following information in the bottom of the screen:
    Target: (reboot xmb)
    UMD file: ms0/iso/PERSIA.cso
    UMD mode:image+anyumd ,Ver.no change
    FW path: ms0:/df/271(flash)
    Clock: 222/111
    Remote: remote controller
    Pl-addr: 89400000
    DH ver. 0.45.0000
    FW Ver: 2.07.0110
    Battery: 3.730V

    Select Start from the main menu.
    Screen goes black.
    Insert the UMD disc.

    I did everything but the ending having trouble with the last part

    I select start from the main menu then the screen goes blank and i insert the UMD disc then my psp just shuts off it does not load the game

    ANY ideas?
  2. mmmikkk

    mmmikkk Member

    Mar 6, 2007
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    set it to 2.71 instead and NOT 2.71 (flash). I had the same prob. It should work. When the screen goes black at the end, wait until your PSP comes back on and then pop the UMD in.
  3. gokussj4

    gokussj4 Guest

    How do you change it back to the regular from flash. sorry i am new to doing this to my PSP.

  4. mmmikkk

    mmmikkk Member

    Mar 6, 2007
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    after you do the HENC and it goes blue. then you do the Devhook .4x after that comes to the black screen with the options. Got to Firmware and change it from 2.71(flash) to the one at the very bottom which is 2.71. Then click the UMD select and select the ISO that you have. And then click ont the "start" and you will reboot again. Remember you need to make sure you have the UMD popped out from the very beginning of this entire process even before you do the HENC othervwise you will have to start over.

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