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hey couple of questions about wii iso

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by munnawar, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. munnawar

    munnawar Member

    Dec 22, 2007
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    hey guys, im coming up to the whole putting a wii file on to a dvd-r, just a few questions quickly

    1. If the file is in .iso form will i have to use raw dump or other programs like that?
    2. and if it is in iso form allready is it as simple as burning the .iso to the cd
    3. and finally which would you reccomend? Nero 7 or imgburn i have both and im a little curious to know which is better for .iso

    p.s what burn speed should i use when doing this?
  2. NDarkness

    NDarkness Regular member

    Jun 12, 2006
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    1. Nope
    2. To DVD to be exact. Use ImgBurn to burn the file at 4X speed. Make sure to verify it.
    3. ImgBurn..

  3. discodog

    discodog Guest

    For burning wii games I use imgburn its a easy program to use and for the speed I recommend burning at 2x to 4x. It also helps if you burn all your games in the same speed. Just open imgburn, and search for the iso file. Best if you use a Verbatim disc.

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