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Hi, Friends, PLZ come and it may help u N' me, THX

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by 13Friday, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. 13Friday

    13Friday Guest

    Hello, All:
    I'm an engineer , uh.......:)
    well, I have read the 2 issues under from this web, so I have sth want to make it clear, and it needs your help, also I'm glad to do sth helpful to u if I can :)


    1, I want to know any guys' PS2 with Matrix infinity Clone Modchip(MICM) has any other problems? well, in fact I know, there are not only MODBO chip but also many chips are clone of Matrix infinity(TNTmodchip, Matrix Infinity SE...)
    2, and any one test MICM with codes(AR2/AR3)? any problem when loading DVD-R?
    3, any one tried these steps(i tested with 7000x):
    a, no disc in ps2, turn on the machine, enter the browser
    b, inject the DVD-R disc, PS2 detects it
    c, do not press X, open and get disc out, and put it back again
    d, well, can your PS2 detect the disc?
    I hope some one could help me test it........thx
    4, any PS2 with MICM can't work when after a long time play? I mean overheat.
    5, I wish to collect more problem informatinos with MICM.....thx ALL

    In my experience, MODBO chip 1.38(the other MICM maybe the same ) can be upgraded to 1.39, but it can't be upgrade to 1.40, PLZ do not try!! if failed...bad luck, your PS2 can not boot up any more...coz' the flash on the MICM was written in sm Err datas, and it was Write Protect after upgrade neither succes or fail. but, it's no need to replace the whole MICM, take the flash chip out from the board and go to write the data direct....But it need some technology of electronics, Maybe your Engineer friends could help u.
    Mmm.... in my opinion, MICM is not junk modchip, when u pay half $$ of real MIM, but u get more than 90% functions.....but also I do not agree that the stores cheat It is a real MIM with the MIM price.

    THX a lot .. my e-mail: [​IMG]
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    Feb 13, 2003
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    I suggest reading the forum rules before posting again.

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