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hi I need help with cogswap

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by xcjzerox, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. xcjzerox

    xcjzerox Guest

    I been online for like 10 fusking hours sorry for myvocabulary tryin to figure out how to put the files.. i have the slim ps2 and i need help with this please someone help me ...
  2. xcjzerox

    xcjzerox Guest

    please someone help me I need this badly not relly for my friends birthday
  3. ovrfiendx

    ovrfiendx Regular member

    Oct 19, 2005
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    Try this.

    23. August 2006 @ 16:35 Link to this message
    *Update* Hey Ace i've did a revision of your guide for the USB SoftMod for Slimline and edited the guide a lil bit. Hope you dont mind. I've tested this vs the orginal way and this way is a lil bit quicker.

    What you need:
    -Action Replay MAX
    -MAX Media Creator(included with Action Replay MAX)
    -USB Memory Stick
    -1 blank CD-R(Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, or Sony)
    -CD Loader ELF(found here: http://www.geocities.com/jjax1975/CDLOADER.zip)
    -Cog-Swap ELF(found here: http://console.iscentral.net/index.php?go=downloads&cat=6 at the bottom of the page)
    -PS2 Exploit Utility(found here: http://console.iscentral.net/index.php?go=downloads&cat=5)
    -WinRAR(to extract the compressed files)
    -Alcohol 120%(to burn the exploit disc)

    1) Now that you have all you need, un-zip all the files you downladed with WinRAR and launch PS2 Exploit Utility.

    2) Here's what you have to do for each of the tabs:
    -Title.db: nothing
    -Loader: nothing(keep uLaunchELF 3.61 selected)
    -Files: Browse for file (I keep all my elf files in 1 folder that way it'll be easier to find)find the cogswap.elf and select it. Now right beside it you should see "Add Files" click that. Under Added files you should see cogswap.elf
    -IP Options: click "Yes" ONLY if you will use your PlayStation 2 over a network
    -Region: NTSC for NTSC U/C consoles, PAL for PAL, and JAP for NTSC J
    -Extras: keep the dummy file the way it is, now select any button you want (this will be the boot button) and on the pull down screen of the button select cogswap.elf
    -Create Exploit: select "CD/HD image (bin/cue)" and select "Live CD" in "Options for CD image"

    3) Now that everything is set up, click "Create Exploit!". You will get a window saying that there are no title IDs in Title.db, and that no files have been chosen. Click "Yes" both times. When the job is done, you will see this message:
    A CD image has been built here: C:\IsCentral\ that can be used as a CD or HD image!

    4) When the image file is made, put in your blank CD-R and start Alcohol 120%. Click "Image Burning Wizard". Locate your CD image, click it, then click "Next". You will now be at a window called: Prepare your CD/DVD recorder. Set the write speed to 4X (some burners wont burn at 4x speed for some reason, if yours dont then just keep it at maxium), datatype to PlayStation 2 (if you have this option, some versions of Alcohol only have customize in the datatype box), check "Rectify Sub-Channel Data", then click "Start".

    5) You now have the Exploit CD ready. You now need a way to boot it. We'll use CD Loader. Install MAX Media Creator and start it up. Click "Add file", and locate CDLOADER.elf. Click "USB Drives" in "Output Media", select the location of your USB memory stick, and click "Create".

    Now were ready to boot our backup!

    1) Start cdloader.elf from the memory stick in Max Media Player

    2) When the AR disk stops spinning, swap it for the uLaunchElf disk, the one you created with the utility and alcohol and press X.

    3) uLaunchElf should load. If it dont, then either two things are wrong 1. You burnt the media wrong 2. Your laser may need cleaning

    4) Ok were down to final step! Press the key you assigned to load cogswap. And Voila!!! Cogswap will load!

    Now instructions on using Cogswap for those who dont know.

    1) Remove the piece you have put over the front lid sensor of your PlayStation 2

    2) Insert a high TOC ORIGINAL DVD-ROM game(one that has a silver base) whose size is over 4GB(you have to check on your computer, and you CANNOT use a Dual Layer DVD-ROM game, which are those that are over 4.5GB, I think).

    3) Place the piece you removed from the lid sensor shown earlier back where it was.

    4) Keep an eye on your screen until a yellow disc shows on the screen with "PS2 DVD-ROM" or something like that under it.

    5) Once you see the yellow disc with "PS2 DVD-ROM" or similar, press X on your controller. The disc will spin again(it stops when the screen shows the yellow disc). When the disc spins, keep your eyes on your TV screen until you see the yellow disc turn purple and "PS2 DVD-ROM" or similar kind of writing change to "Use Cogswap".

    6) When that change happens, swap your original with your backup.

    That's the best I can do. If that doesn't help, there are two other things that can play a factor:

    1) The way you burn your games.

    2) The media you use.

    So Ace as you can see your guide as made a big impact on me :) As i said earlier i've tested this method and its quicker...theres always room for improvement.

    Guide for backing up Ps2/Xbox Games (You can add this to your guide too if you want.)
    DVD Decrypter

    First, go to Mode>ISO>READ
    Select a destination
    Then click the decrypt button
    Once it has completed reading
    go to Mode>ISO>WRITE
    Select the file you saved before it should be a .MDS file (thats what it is when i backup PS2 games)
    Wait until finish and test in xbox

    Alcohol 120%

    Click on image making wizard
    click next and select a folder for it to be saved in
    after it has completed reading click on image burnig wizard
    broswe to the folder you saved the file in before and select the file saved (off the top of my head its a .ISO)
    and click burn and wait for completion

    you could also use DVD Wizard Pro which has an in built function to burn console games from Xbox, PS2 and PC games.

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