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high heat baseball 2004

Discussion in 'PS2' started by qwertyman, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. qwertyman

    qwertyman Guest

    downloaded this game, kalisto release, took me like 5days cuz mirc kept disconnectin me, anyways i extracted the rars, and then extracted the bin only it wont let me, at about 80% says the file is corrupt, anyway of fixin this cuz i cant download that again really!!! sum1 help me plz!!! cheers :)
  2. robert34

    robert34 Guest


    but ill still help you, the best way to fix this is to......... BUY THE GAME!!!
  3. qwertyman

    qwertyman Guest

    ok sry bout that, i wanted it to try first, i cant rent or buy it from an shops,no1 seems to have it which is weird. u played it is it any good?? or know sumwhere online i can get it from or another good baseball game?? cheers
  4. robert34

    robert34 Guest

    No I havent played it, but i hear its a pretty good game. Yes i do know a place online but, again there is no talk about that hear.

    MLB 2004 is good.
  5. qwertyman

    qwertyman Guest

    ok il guess il try another forum then. :)

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