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Homebew Channel

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by VizualDze, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. VizualDze

    VizualDze Member

    Feb 18, 2011
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    Hey guys could someone please help me. Today I installed the homebrew channel on my Wii and now want to start updating the iOS and installing whats needed to back my games up onto a USB HDD and play them from there. My problem is, in any guides Ive found you install stuff by loading the homebrew channel and selecting the files you've put on your SD card, but when I load the homebrew channel I don't see anything. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  2. kittymat

    kittymat Regular member

    Sep 9, 2008
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    You need to decide what you want to add to the homebrew channel and add it to your sd card in the apps folder, they will come in the form of another folder i.e. usbloader_gx and inside this folder will be a boot.dol, and sometimes a small icon that will show up in the homebrew channel.

    Download either cfg of gx loader (they are usb loaders so you can play games from an sd or hard drive) and also allow you to add your games by ripping them to the hard drive (or sd)

    oops - almost forgot, have you installed any cios's yet?? - if not download modmii (use google) run it on your pc and it will download everything you need and generate a guide for you
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