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homebrew black screen

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by mrmpdale, Nov 14, 2015.

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  1. mrmpdale

    mrmpdale Newbie

    Nov 14, 2015
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    My homebrew channel was working fine. It is now black. I also can't go into my snes emulator, nor my nes emulator. I get the same black screen. My CFX loader still works fine, as well as my sega emulator, and my n64 emulator. I am unsure what I did. I think I messed something up while trying to get cfx to work. Now CFX does work but I think I messed something up with my tweaking.

    I am new to all of this and only reason I got this far was following step by step guides. I have 4.3 and a black wii. I used the letter bomb to get homebrew channel installed.

    I have already tried deleting homebrew and reinstalling but still does work. I figure I messed something up on the internal settings of the wii because why else would it effect my other emulators too.

    However, all that internal stuff is hard for me to understand without step by step instructions.
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