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How Do I Burn & Play PS2 Burns?

Discussion in 'PS2 - CD backup discussion' started by FCF420, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. FCF420

    FCF420 Guest

    Hey guys I have a dvd burner that came with my dell and the software is Sonic Recordnow

    Can I use this to burn a backup of dvds & PS2 games?

    How can I tune it up so that it can do this?

    And what do I need for my computer to burn backup of dvds and PS2 games?

    What do I need for my PS2 for it to play them?

    And how do I install modchip?

    Will I need one?

    Are there any particular ones that I will need?

    I would really appreciate it you guys would help me out I'm just a old gamer, tv junkie, and movie addict
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  2. lucifer69

    lucifer69 Regular member

    Aug 29, 2004
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    first in order to play backups you will need a modchip or use swap cds which is easier to install but i if you have experience in soldering i will recommend a modchip like matrix infinity which is the one i use you can buy it from www.divineo.com or www.modchipman.com.
    i don't think you can burn good backups with Sonic Recordnow what you need is alcohol 120% or other type of programs which i dont remember the names right now and also you have to use good quality media like ritek, verbatim and maxell.

    I hope you undertand :)
  3. oosthnj

    oosthnj Guest

    Hi there

    The software you can use is DVD - Decrypter. It is the best for copying dvd or PS2 games. You can download it here at Afterdawn + the guide. You will also need a modchip to play the backups.

    Also, someplaystion version can only read DVD -R and the other version can only read DVD +R. DVD -R is normally for data and PS2 games but DVD +R is a better quality DVD and it is used for DVD and PS2 games. The speeds are better on DVD +R dvds. Hope this helps.

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