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how do i upgrade my dms3 flash?

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by agent22, May 7, 2004.

  1. agent22

    agent22 Guest

    i have a version 9 ps2 with a dms3 modchip that has the 2.0 firmware.i have tried upgrading from cd-r and it does not upgrade to the 2.2 bin and cue files.my settings are all defalt .can someone please give me detailed instructions how to up gade if i am doing it wrong?
  2. daPhoenix

    daPhoenix Guest

    Is the disk just not boating up? I have a V9 system also and it upgraded just fine to 2.2. I was also using the original firmware before I upgraded. Knowing the DMS team I knew there would be bugs in the original release and that they would upgrade it at least twice. So when they released the 2.0 I waited a few days before I upgraded and sure enough there was a 2.2 version the next time I checked. It still has bugs in it though. I could not get my copy of disgaea to work on they new upgrade. So I treid it in my other V7 that is running the 1.6c firmware and it boated perfectly. I am slowly starting to not like the DMS V9 chips. I like the Matrix and Matrix infinity much more.
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